“Jerry Jones Stands Up … Denounces That Picture” | Brandon Marshall Thinks Odell Beckham. Jr. Should Only Consider One Team

Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall believes that Odell Beckham Jr. shouldn’t entertain the Dallas Cowboys for his return to the NFL. The podcaster believes that until Cowboys owner Jerry Jones clarifies his position on the photo of himself as a teenager at a desegregation protest Beckham should spurn the Cowboys, and Marshall said so on the “Up & Adams” podcast.

“If I’m Odell or any free agent player, I am not going to the Cowboys; I am not going to the Cowboys until Jerry Jones stands up and denounces that picture that we talked about a couple of weeks ago,” Marshall said to host Kay Adams on the show. “I talked about this in 2016; I’ve talked about this over the last couple of years. I’ve always been very bold about my stance with Jerry Jones.

“Listen, a lot of guys love Jerry Jones … stands up for a lot of his players and has done a lot for his players but Jerry Jones, you need to show alliance with your players in these situations. Now there’s a lot of guys right now saying, ‘why haven’t you addressed this photo?'”

“Not Good Business”

Marshall’s co-host Adam “Pacman’ Jones on his “I Am Athlete” podcast is one of Jones’ biggest fans, saying, “I’m a Cowboy, I got Jerry tatted on my body,” during an interview on Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta.

Marshall detailed what he describes as “not good business” from the Dallas Cowboys by telegraphing their worry about Beckham’s previous knee injury. Beckham has recovered from his torn ACL, according to multiple reports. But the Cowboys had their doubts about the health of the 30-year-old. Beckham did not work out or run routes for the teams currently courting him.

“So if I’m Odell Beckham Jr., and they handle my visit the way they did … the Giants didn’t, the Buffalo Bills didn’t, now you guys come out and say you’re concerned about my knee? Hell, he’s been hurt three out of the last four years. That’s not good business,” Marshall continued.

“You go back to New York. You go back where they know you best. You go back, and you go be the guy. I never wanted Odell to leave New York. I used to sit there for like an hour or two daily when I played for the Giants like, ‘come on, O.’ I understand, I get what you’re saying from a receiver standpoint, I see it, but you’re in New York. Look at your hair, look at your whole — you! This is your market.”

From OBJ To “TD”

Odell met with the Giants and Bills in addition to the Cowboys but has yet to sign with anyone. Whether he will become the late-season addition to a squad for extra firepower in the playoffs is questionable, but his stock is certainly high for the 2023 season. For Marshall, Beckham should look to the example of former NFL linebacker Thomas Davis Sr., who’s believed to be the only professional athlete to overcome three anterior cruciate ligament tears in the same knee, per the Washington Commanders.

“They can go get a quarterback; they can go get a coach; figure out a way to stay here,” Marshall continued. “You got the Super Bowl out the way. Come get your money in New York, catch 100 balls next year; be healthy. Be the next “TD,” remember TD, Thomas Davis had three, four knee surgeries, and his career they said was over, and he went on to play another eight years at an All-Pro level.”

Davis missed only three games in the eight seasons after his third ACL tear. He made three Pro Bowls and earned second-team and first-team All-Pro in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The multiple-time team captain also surpassed the 100-tackle mark six times. Will Odell Beckham Jr. can have that kind of success and longevity with another team post-injury? Only time will tell, but B. Marshall believes either way it should be with Big Blue.

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