Jeffrey Lurie Contorts Logic To Excuse Kap Blackballing

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is widely regarded as a very smart guy.  I guess they figure that he had to have been intelligent to be a billionaire. 

However, being born rich was the primary catalyst for his current standing, having inherited the General Cinema reins.  Perhaps its Luries college transcripts that have some proclaiming to be apostles to his intellectual abilities; a former professor of Social Policy at Boston University with a doctoral degree in social policy from Brandies.  He has a Masters degree in psychology from Boston University as well.  

On Thursday, Lurie came straight from the chest in saying what we believe most National Football League owners are thinking but are too afraid to admit, that Colin Kaepernick is being discriminated against for a peaceful protest.  A protest that he has already said would not continue this season whether or not hes given the chance to compete, to be clear.

On Sunday, following his teams convincing 30-17 victory over the Washington Redskins, Lurie admitted that Kaeps past protest was a nonstarter for him.

I dont think anybody who is protesting the national anthemis very respectful, Lurie reportedly said. If thats all their platform is, is to protest the national anthem, then whats the proactive nature of it?

Indeed, Im not in the business of running around calling anyone stupid, let alone a multiple degree holder. But cmon, really? 

Isn’t this the same guy that only fined and briefly suspended Riley Cooper after he emphatically spewed the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert? 

Shaun King on Twitter

It’s amazing the @Eagles owner found it in his heart to have grace for a white player calling Black folk niggers – draws the line w/ Colin.

When individuals need to contort their own reasoning to excuse an egregious act of discrimination based on political beliefs, it becomes apparent that the very DNA of their personal experience forbids them from speaking reasonably.  

These protests are a legal, peaceful act aimed at bringing attention to the eternal American epidemic of police brutality and oppression.  The numbers and stats are all there.  Black people are seven times more likely to be shot by the police than white people, besides the fact that Blacks are far less likely to be armed. 

These are academic numbers; raw and unbiased.  Yet, this so-called intelligent individual feels that Kaps protest is not proactive when it most certainly is.  Only through educating as large a number of people as possible can we ever hope to stem this grizzly tide.  

Yet, Lurie and likeminded individuals pretend to love certain special Black individuals while feigning obliviousness to our plight.  

In 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles were named one of the most socially active teams in the National Football League.  As is the case with many teams that call Americas greatest cities home, the Eagles are undoubtedly involved in a myriad of activities like football camps for the underprivileged, equipment for cash-strapped urban football programs and even assistance in helping children get school supplies and laptops to help them maneuver through a difficult and inherently biased school system.  

Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter

@ShaunKing Your recent claims are entirely unfair and inaccurate. Here is the unedited transcript of what was said:

They get major daps and high fives for that.  However, when it comes to the heavy-lifting issues that truly effect these young men and women over the span of their lives, the Eagles and all other NFL teams fail miserably.  

Quite frankly, who gives a damn about you giving out a book bag to a black kid? By denying Kap, the Eagles and others are siding with an American institution that was designed to make black life miserable.  

That is not hyperbolic in any sense.  Yet, here we are once again, shaming so-called smart white friends of black people for siding with organizations that claim Blue Lives Matter only to shout down any assertion as to the validity and sanctity of black life. 

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