Jay Z Partners With Hublot For A Watch You’ll Never Be Able To Buy

    Jay Z musta seen the latest Forbes list an immediately started scheming. Though a sports team, arena, world tour and new album is enough for most people in a year, it still wasn't enough for Hov to topple Diddy as hip-hop's wealthiest entrepreneur. 

    So Jigga partnered with one of his favorite watch-makers, Hublot, for the Shawn Carter Classic. There are two versions of the watch, a black ceramic and the yellow gold version you see above. The black version will be limited to 250 watches and will run at $19,000. The yellow gold will cost you $33,000, if you can find one of the 100 watches in the world. 

    They shouldn't be too hard to find in NYC, as they'll be available at Barney's and at a pop-up shop on Nov. 20. They'll accept cash, check, credit card, or any number of limbs.