‘JAY-Z: Made In America’ Portrays The Brooklyn Icon As LeBron’s Yoda

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is a popular professor at Georgetown University and author of 20 books concerning race in America and African-Americans who influenced the world in some way.

His literary works have dealt with subjects such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Marvin Gaye, Barack Obama, Nas‘s debut album Illmatic, Bill Cosby, Tupac Shakur, and Hurricane Katrina.

Dyson’s latest venture, “JAY-Z: Made In America”  is another insightful and inspiring literary missile highlighting a groundbreaker who serves as a possible vehicle for our ascension out of the ongoing oppression of Blacks in America.

Dyson appeared on ESPN’s First Take to promote his new book about the Brooklyn-born rap mogul, urban legend, cultural tastemaker, and entrepreneurial titan. 

Mr. Influence 

We know of Shawn Carter’s iconic accomplishments in music and entertainment, however, Dyson insists that it’s fair to say that the Pride of Marcy Projects is most influential, especially in sports.  

“There’s a great argument to be made for that,” Dyson said.  “First of all he brings the credibility of the streets with him. He also brings the credibility of a hip-hop form that has deeply and profoundly influenced sports across the board. Style of dress, way of expression, self-possession…”

Schooling LBJ  

“And one of his mentees happens to be named LeBron James,” Dyson revealed. 

There’s no star wars between Jay-Z and LeBron James. Bron is the Luke Skywalker to Jay-Z’s Yoda.

Let me find out that Jay’s the mastermind behind LeBron James’ philanthropic rise to triple-threat icon status; ultimate brand, social activist, superstar player.   

“I write in the book about how Jay-Z gave LeBron an original Blueprint to express his own desire to combine social conscience,  athletic genius, and the ability to become an extremely wealthy human being. So when you put all that together plus Jay Z in terms of advisement as any agency with Roc NAtion, when you look at it across the board, there’s no question that Jay-Z may be the most influential figure today; visibility, viability, insight, contribution, and culture.  When you put all that together…”

People knew that Jay-Z and Lebron were cool, but Dyson’s book delves into the dynamics of their relationship and makes you wonder how many of LeBron’s social, political and athletic moves were influenced by Jay-Z’s sagacious advice.   

“When he’s (Jay-Z) giving advice. He’s talking to them about wisdom,” Dyson continued. “ He’s giving them a broad field perspective that allows them to think about what the consequence will be to your particular environment, what it will mean to your family what it will mean to your career and how you want to carry yourself… and understand yourself and carry forth your own brand…and at the same time maintain your bread and butter. “


Why Would You Ever Bet Against Him?

Of course, Dyson had to speak on the recent turn of events with Colin Kaepernick and the NFL and the heated debates concerning the level of Jay-Z’s participation in what many perceived as a sham workout set up by NFL owners who continue to blackball the anthem kneeler. 

Dyson says he had to rewrite the book at the end after the recent Kapernick workout and the subsequent firestorm of storylines that emerged. 

“I told my publishers I have got to include this because that’s where people are going to start,” Dyson insisted. 

He also jumped to Jay-Z’s defense. 

“When you look at the long slope of his career when you look at the trajectory and amazing gifts that he has manifested..why would you ever dismiss Jay-Z, No. 1…. Why would you ever bet against him? Tom Brady, No.2. And number three has he not built up enough capital; not that you can’t be critical or skeptical, but because of what he’s done, at least let me listen.” 


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