Jay-Z Is Ready To Make Hits In The Restaurant Business

Jay-Z is not only a lyrical genius with a shelf full of awards – the most cherished being his superstar wife Beyonce – but his business acumen is well noted and he has become one of the standards for black entrepreneurship. 

As he continues to expand his business portfolio and legendary status , Jay-Z is planning to open his own fast-food chain, under the name Hovino. According to new reports Hova has applied to trademark the brand Hovino with a goal of opening an eatery that will serve dine-in and take-out customers.

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Jay-Z planning to open fast-food chain Hovino https://t.co/AF2HgmqQ3T

The application has been made under S. Carter Enterprises, through which the rapper runs various businesses under his real name, Shawn Carter.

This revelation wasnt offered by Jay-Z, but discovered though documents, which were obtained by The Blast. The trademark request is International, and covers Restaurant and caf services; carry-out restaurant services; self-service restaurants; catering; serving food and drinks; take-out restaurant services; bar services, pubs; cocktail lounges; wine bars.

The style of cuisine is still a mystery but Jay and Bey went vegan for a minute in 2013 and Beyonce, now 36, is an advocate for the benefits of plant-based diets. 

The Brooklyn-Born mogul has dabbled in some of the most groundbreaking ventures by an African-American in history. His 40/40 bar chain opened in  Manhattan in 2003 and has since expanded to Atlanta, Las Vegas and Brooklyn, New York as an established attraction on the global party scene. 

He was a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, he started Roc Nation sports agency and represents a plethora of suerostars across several athletic landscapes. The 48-year-old, who has also become an enlightened and articulate spokesman for the African-American community and financial empowerment and  is also still caking on the music tip, has his own champagne company, Armand de Brignac, a stake in cognac brand DUsse, and is launching a line of cigars.

Jay-Z: Don’t Blame Successful Businessmen for Economy

Music mogul Jay-Z says the public has the wrong message and shouldn’t blame successful businessmen for the economy.

Jay-Z keeps building his empire one progressive, successful and expansive venture at a time. 

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