Jay Z And Robinson Cano Swing For The Fences In First Contract Negotiation

We all figured Jay Z entering the world of sports representation would be a big change, mainly for the big change Hov could conceivably pull in for his clients. His first test is Robinson Cano's upcoming free agency.

The Yankees' second baseman is one of the best in the game and New York's best player. That alone gives them a ton of leverage, especially after the Yankees missed the playoffs for the second time in 19 years this season. They'll feel the pressure to put a stronger team on the field next year, and that won't be possible without Cano's services.

Still, even the Yankees may balk at the initial asking price of $305 million over 10 years, according to ESPN's Buster Olney. 

That is a huge figure that Cano isn't likely to get, especially in the wake of the Angels' massive spending spree that also left them out of the playoffs. Still, $305 million is a pretty good starting point. It's hard to imagine Cano getting any less than $250 million, which would make him the highest-paid second baseman in the game by about $10 million per season. 

So, yeah…looks like Hov's experiment is off to a good start. If he comes close to that $300 million mark, his roster is likely to fill up — quickly.