Jay Williams Shades Patrick Ewing, So Kendall Gill Sons Him

The second that the Patrick Ewing to Georgetown rumors were confirmed as truth, the haters came out.

After 17 years as a player and 15 years as an assistant coach, Ewing has earned the right for a shot at a head coaching job, especially at a place that he helped build and bring to national prominence. But some immediately questioned his resume and ability to become acclimated to the college game, as opposed to focusing on the positive aspects that he brings to the table.

One of these doubters is former Duke Blue Devil and Chicago Bull, Jay Williams, who straight up questioned Patrick’s ability and hustle.

Look, I love Patrick Ewing. I think that Patrick Ewing is a great human being, but to make him the head coach of Georgetown, I think that’s a major problem. When you’re an assistant coach at the NBA level, you do not have to grind like a head coach 24/7.

It’s amazing that Williams could say that about Ewing, someone who has paid his dues as both a player and an assistant coach. 82 games a year plus summer league games. Countless hours spent on the practice floor, in the film room and on airplanes. That’s not grinding?

Guess he forgot to look in the mirror to realize that prior to joining ESPN in 2008, he only spent one season with CSTV (now CBS Sports Television) in 2007 as an analyst, …”primarily working the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. He previously was a contributor to Fox Sports Radio 99.9 The Fan in North Carolina.” (per ESPN Media Zone).

Couldn’t have gained much experience in that single season.

But don’t worry Ewing fans. Kendall Gill clapped back hard at Williams, letting him know don’t come for NBA veterans when you don’t have the longevity. 

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