Jay Leno Inducted into TV Hall of Fame

Last night, comedian Jay Leno, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and bigwigs like News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch were inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. Jay’s induction comes weeks after hosting his last episode of The Tonight Show, before handing over the reins to Jimmy Fallon. Leno, who never had a manager or agent in his career as Tonight Show host, took to the stage and grabbed a few laughs saying it was time for him to leave because everyone who worked on the show was 20-40 years younger. “You can’t be hip past a certain age. You have old guy gestures.”

“And when you make references to The Dick Van Dyke Show they think it’ s “a lesbian joke or something” —  and they don’t understand what you’re talking about when you say the time is “Half past 2.”

Bill Maher, who inducted Leno, hilariously referred to him as “jobless and penniless” but still a “fantastic stand-up.”

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