Jalen Rose Throws Shade At DJ Calvin Harris

But I know who DJ Scratch is, Rose said on Wednesdays episode of Jalen & Jacoby on ESPN. When his co-host mentioned that Calvin Harris was the highest paid DJ on the planet last year for the fifth-year in a row, grossing $48.5 million, Rose drew a blank when the wildly popular producer and DJs name was mentioned. Rose is on the other side of 40, but he keeps up with his music and his sports. Jacoby didn’t mention some underground DJ that is recently getting his buzz up on the internet. Does Jalen seriously not know who Harris is? 

Complex on Twitter

@CalvinHarris is the world’s highest-paid DJ for the fifth year in a row https://t.co/Zd13fVaZh9

If Jalen wasnt simply throwing shade at Harris, then he was definitely showing his age a bit when he mentioned DJ Scratch. While DJ Scratch is iconic in the game and has been around for decades, the 49-year-old hip-hop lifers claim to fame is being EPMDs DJ. 

105 The Vibe on Twitter

Today back in 1991 EPMD which consisted of Eric Sermon, PMD, and DJ Scratch released their classic album Business Never Personal! #EPMD

The 33-year-old Harris is the hottest DJ/Producer/songwriter/singer in the game. Hes a five-tool phenom, the current standard for quadruple-threats in the game and if Jalen is going to be discussing pop culture and entertainment topics he needs to get to know a dude who is grossing close to $50 million out in these streets.

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