Jalen Rose Suggests Players Boycott NCAA Tournament

College basketballs latest version of the historically common and ongoing pay-for-play and agent scandals, and the debates about NCAA exploitation and whether or not college athletes should be paid beyond scholarships, has created a whirlwind of emotions and opinions from everyone. 

The sentiments have grown stronger as the FBI probe into more than 20 major D-1 universities exposed the corruption that is commonplace and the way young people of color are treated as high-priced cattle and money-making pawns by agents, major companies and the NCAA. 

Former Michigan star, NBA player and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose pulled no punches on his show, Jalen and Jacoby on Monday. 

I wish NCAA players understood the power that they now have, Rose said. In a climate of so many things that are changing and so many discussions that have not come to the forefront that have been closeted for so very long, for a multitude of reasons, I wish NCAA Players would exercise that power by boycotting the NCAA Tournament.

Jalen Rose on Twitter

Check out @JalenandJacoby => Jalen Rose: College players should boycott NCAA tournament. https://t.co/dMTkQjctPA

He joined ESPNs First Take this morning to elaborate on his statement. 

Eventually players are going to realize the level of power they have in carrying the dollar as it relates to collegiate athletics and theyre going to eventually say unless we’re getting paid, we’re not going to play basketball or football.

This FBI probe is just the tip of the iceberg. The argument for paying players is something The Shadow League has investigated many times before, with some of basketball’s most respected minds.

The Shadow League on Twitter

We spoke to @TurnerSportsEJ about whether NCAA players should be paid or not as well as his new #UnscriptedBook. https://t.co/eYT73Nt200

It will have long lasting effects on how the NCAA conducts its business and how players raise the stakes in their fight for some fair monetary gain in the billion-dollar industry of college athletics.

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