Jalen Rose Addresses Twitter Beef With Shaq

A little Twitter beef can be fun, at times, and the exchanges between Shaq and Jalen Rose are just that. Rose has been known as one of the better trash talkers in NBA history, and Shaq has always been known to be full of character, so it's easy to see how the two could get into a battle of words. Shaq took it up a notch and photo-shopped a few pictures of Rose. 






Rose’s response in the video was very real. He knows he can’t touch Shaq on the court, but, as a commentator, he’s as versatile as anyone in the game right now. Rose is an engaging and astute broadcaster while sometimes it appears Shaq barely even knows the players’ names, let alone their game. 

Since All-Star weekend is upon us, maybe TNT and ESPN can find a way to set up a debate between the two former players. If so, I’m taking Rose. 

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