Jalen Ramsey Knows Colin Kaepernick Should Be In The NFL

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is young but he has already built a reputation as someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind about anything. His play, along with his personality, had the Jaguars on the cusp of a Super Bowl appearance.

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Jalen Ramsey tried to tell y’all not to sleep on the Jaguars. https://t.co/2kIJNgeaIy

On the verge of a new season, Ramsey refuses to bite his tongue as evidenced by his comments in a recent article for GQ Magazine, where he expressed his feelings on the debate and drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick.

“He’s way better than some of these second string quarterbacks out here. Possibly better than some of these first string quarterbacks out here. And some teams have third string quarterbacks. He’s definitely good enough to be in the league, but he won’t be. Sadly… Because if somebody does pick him, and they just stay in the locker roomI think it’s like a pride thing now. It’s kind of like, “If all of a sudden we pick him up now, people might be like, so why didn’t we pick him up last year? Now we gonna pick him because he has the opportunity to stay in the locker room? It’ll reflect bad on teams if they pick him up now. So I don’t think he’ll get picked up.”

It’s clear to everyone who’s paying attention, and people who want to accept common sense truth, that Kaepernick is getting blackballed. There have been a group of players including some white players like Aaron Rodgers who feel the same way.

The Shadow League on Twitter

This clip of Max Kellerman speaking on Colin Kaepernick and racial injustice as a whole is a must-watch. https://t.co/QbhhlYH2dx

Ramsey is one of the league’s bright superstars and he is the latest person to talk about their displeasure with how Kap is being treated by these NFL owners, proving that he’s not letting anyone shut him down.

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