Jackson State Tigers’ Mascot Bum Rushed TD Scrum And Got Penalized

College football is exciting.

From the big plays to the big hits, the game gets fans excited in stadiums, bars and at home, sometimes leading them to do crazy things that you have to watch out for.

At Jackson State, the one to watch out for is their mascot, Wavee Dave.

After an amazing catch in the third quarter by the Tigers’ junior receiver, Warren Newman, Wavee Dave got hyped up and ran on the field to celebrate the catch that put the team up by a score of 15-7 over Bethune-Cookman.

But the hype was too much as the refs hit Wavee with a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

That penalty appeared to shift the tide as Bethune responded with 29 unanswered points to cruise to a 36-15 victory, helping the MEAC end a two year skid to the SWAC in the annual MEAC-SWAC Challenge.

While Wavee Dave is about that life, he needs to keep it on the sidelines going forward.

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