Ja Morant’s Sister Teniya Morant Is A Baller Too, Will Be Headed To Play Hoops At Mississippi Valley State Next Season

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant isn’t the only hooper in the family. His sister, Teniya Morant, a senior at Houston High School near Memphis, has committed to play at Mississippi Valley State next season.

The Houston Lady Mustangs Twitter account sent out a congratulations tweet earlier this month.

Mississippi Valley State plays in the SWAC and has never qualified for the NCAA Tournament in the program’s history. They’ve won two SWAC conference tournament championships and two SWAC regular season championships.

They finished this past season 2-27 and on a 21-game losing streak.

Ja Morant Bracing For Suspension

Perhaps Ja will have some time to watch his sister play some games next season. The two-time All-Star is bracing for what is likely to be a serious suspension from NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Morant was suspended from all team activities after a video showing the guard holding a gun in a social media video while riding in a car with friends went public earlier this month. This is the second time in three months he has been seen on social media with a gun.

Ja has engaged in several incidents over the past year involving threats of violence and actual violence. One of the incidents involved his sister.

Ja Involved In A Series Of Bad Incidents

Last September Germantown police investigated Ja for assault after allegedly clashing with a high school student.

Teniya Morant got into an argument with another student at an after-school volleyball game. Witnesses on the scene, according to the police documents, told officers both parties had called each other “bitch” — prompting Teniya to call Ja.

According to police a short time later Ja, Ja’s mom and dad, Ja’s baby daughter and “a group of” adult males all came into the gym together. Allegedly, most of the group went to confront the student in the stands at the game who had been arguing with Ja’s sister. But they were stopped by police on the scene.

Witnesses said one of the men in Ja’s group got past the police and approached students in the stands and slapped a phone out of a student’s hand who had been attempting to take a picture of Ja and allegedly said, “I don’t care about none of that, I will beat y’alls ass.”

Police say everyone managed to leave the gymnasium without further incident.

The next day police say the mother of the student who had been in the argument with Teniya Morant wanted to press charges against all parties, including Ja, for intimidation and harassment. Cops say Ja Morant’s mother, Jamie Morant, also wanted to press charges against the student who got into it with her daughter for threats and intimidation.

Ja was investigated for simple assault, intimidation with no physical contact, but charges were never filed.

Back in March Morant met with Silver and the two had a frank conversation about what was at stake according to reports. Silver seemed to walk away from that meeting believing that Morant understood the gravity of the situation.

Clearly the message didn’t resonate, and now part of his livelihood will be taken from him.

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