J. Cole Is Gunning For White People At The Grammys

J. Cole has high hopes for his sophomore album, Born Sinner. His album was supposed to grace our ears in February, but like his debut album, Cole World: Sideline Story, the date has been pushed back. Now set for a summer release on June 25, Cole spoke about his expectations. 

“I’m going for ‘Album of the Year;’ I’m trying to compete with the white people, man,” J. Cole told Hot 97 in Hartford.

Those are big words considering Kanye West was memorably robbed of the award for Graduation, a crime Cole remembers. If things have changed since then, there hasn't been much evidence of it. Drake's award for Rap Album of the Year didn't get any time on the television. 

Still, Cole is going to give it a shot. His album hype will be brewing in a few months, anticipation he attempted to appease with his five-track EP Truly Yours, which featured his cut of Nas' "Stay." He kept it running with his dope video for "Power Trip," exploring the depths of jealous rage while Miguel croons over the chorus. 

With plenty of time to prepare for the moment, Cole's promotion won't be standing in the way of his goals. It'll be all down to his production. So far, so good.

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