‘It’s The Latest Example Of The Prime Effect’ | Rap Moguls Master P And Snoop Dogg Make Deion Sanders The Featured Face Of Snoop Dogg’s Cereal

First-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is trying to get his team out of a three-game losing streak, one that’s dropped the Buffs to 4-5 after beginning the season 3-0.

As Coach Prime readies his team for its final home game of the season this weekend versus the Arizona Wildcats, the legendary defensive back had an honor bestowed upon him. 

Deion Sanders Gets Cover Of Snoop Dogg and Master P Cereal Box

In a joint effort, rappers Snoop Dogg and Master P have made Deion the featured face of Snoop’s Prime Time Honey-O Snax cereal.

(Photo by Charles A. Smith/Jackson State University via Getty Images)

The breakfast delight is a limited edition release under Broadus Foods umbrella, which happens to be Snoop Dogg’s grocery food brand, and is the first black-owned breakfast food company. It is a move that Master P doesn’t take lightly, and he recently talked about its significance during an appearance on The Nick Ferg Show. 

Prime Effect Is A Real Thing

Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, has had plenty of success in other business ventures outside of music. He told the show this about what they set out to do. 

“We were able to do something incredible and create a limited edition box for coach Deion Sanders, who’s probably one of the greats in college football now,” Miller, the Broadus Foods CEO, told the show. 

Miller then expounded on why he and Snoop felt it was necessary to honor Coach Prime. Both believe his impact and leadership and his social contributions outside of his coaching responsibilities are second-to-none, and for that he deserved the honor. 

“Everything he stands for. What he means and brings to the culture as a leader. The fatherhood … Just a great person in general.

“We wanted to celebrate him and put him in a box of Snoop cereal. He was on the Wheaties box as a player, but as a coach, he’s never been on a box, and me and Snoop wanted to make history with him,” Miller added.

The cereal will be distributed by Post Consumer Brands, which P and Snoop landed a distribution deal with back in January of this year. This is the first of its kind, with Sanders being honored on a cereal box by a black-owned company. 

Snoop And P Wanna Make It Right 

For ages Blacks believed that certain products being sold were Black-owned, only to eventually find out they weren’t. 

“Think about it… Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben… We thought those were black-owned, but it wasn’t,” Miller said. “It was a mockery of us because those were just models on the packages. Now we have an opportunity to put real people that come from our culture that look like us and be able to put their product out there. 

“It’s so important. This is why we march and fight for all these years. And now we’re able to say we actually have something.”

With this venture Snoop and P are leaving no doubt about who’s behind the brand, and what the intentions are. The mockery and facade that P mentioned in his quote is being replaced by authentic Black ownership.

Sanders Has Already Overachieved At Colorado

The Buffaloes won a single game in all of 2022. In the two previous seasons combined they had five total wins. This year they already have four wins, with the possibility of adding more.

Will Colorado Buffs Be Bowl Eligible?

Colorado needs two wins in its final three games to become bowl eligible, and Sanders has to hope this honor is a prelude to his team figuring out a way to make that happen.  

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