It’s The City Of Brotherly Love, But They’re Not Brothers | Brandon Graham Dedicates Autograph Session To Dumping On Tom Brady, Dallas Cowboys, All Eagles Rivals

The City of Brotherly Love is always a spectacle for sports fans, and Philadelphia sports fans know how to celebrate and taunt their opponents in unimaginable ways. But forget the fans for a minute, the players are just as savage in Philly.

Don’t let the title of professional athlete make you forget that, because recently Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham reminded us all that the local players are just as inhospitable as the rest of Philly.

During an autograph signing event at the West Deptford Mall in New Jersey, Graham decided to be a menace with his signatures. He wrote a list of things taunting some of the Eagles’ greatest foes like the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Brady, and the Patriots.

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Most of the things he wrote were NSFW and insulting toward the teams and player named. Things such as “F*** Tom Brady,” “F*** The Patriots,” “F*** Dallas,” “Tom Brady is my B****,” “Super Bowl Champs,” and “Strip Sack Goat.”

Graham didn’t hold back. Anyone who knows the Eagles’ history is aware of the intense rivalry between “America’s Team” and the Birds. The Patriots have emerged as another fierce rival in recent seasons. 

Graham, 34, is a 13-year veteran in the NFL who’s spent his whole career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Through the highs and the lows, the 2020 Pro Bowl player has been one of the most consistent pass rushers, being rewarded with a Super Bowl win against the Patriots in 2017. 

That season the Eagles were arguably the best team in the NFL and had the NFL’s early MVP candidate that year in Carson Wentz, who was sidelined after tearing his ACL and had his season cut short.

So who wins the MVP instead? Tom Brady. 

You know the rest of the story, Nick Foles steps in, Eagles win a Super Bowl. But what Graham is referring to is the iconic strip sack that he had on TB12 that won the ball back for the Eagles and solidified Philly’s first ever Super Bowl championship. 

Tom Brady is a winner and has more NFL championships than anyone in the history of football, and before 2017, Brady and the Patriots defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl 39 in 2005.

The Patriots were the perpetrators of yet another scandal where they recorded Philadelphia’s coaching signals on the sidelines, an act that the NFL dubbed as illegal. So, during the Super Bowl the Patriots knew every play the Eagles ran. The Super Bowl was a narrow victory by the Patriots 24-21, which left debates as to whether New England’s shady dealings affected the outcome of the big game.  

This is just another example of why the Patriots and Eagles have bad blood even though they’re not even in the same conference. But to further the beef between Philly and Tom Brady, just this past season the Eagles clinched a wild-card playoff spot and met up with the Brady-led Buccaneers, who thoroughly picked the Birds apart for a swift first-round playoff exit.  Another reason why Tom Brady is not liked much in Philadelphia.

Graham uses a lovefest with the fans as a perfect opportunity to diss Tom Brady, the Patriots, and the Cowboys in one sitting. Unsurprisingly, Graham’s actions were loved by many, and on that day he gained some new fans around the world.

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