“It’s A Wonderful Plight” Interview | Film By Hip-Hop Producer J. Rhodes Explores Cultural Appropriation

Posers. Appropriators. Culture Vultures.

These are all names often given to people of other races that love to embrace certain parts of someone else’s race without doing the full science on why that aspect of culture is important to said race.

It’s A Wonderful Plight, the new film by Hip-Hop producer J. Rhodes takes a good look at this phenomenon and gently guides the audience on a journey of allyship.

The Dallas native has used his gifts with rappers of different backgrounds, working with Compton rapper The Game on one day, conscious rapper Talib Kweli on another, and ending off his week with the Billboard charting-hit with Christian rapper Lecrae.

The thought piece was filmed in 2019, a year before the 2020’s civil unrest explosion, and asks the question, “Does Black Music Matter more than Black Lives?”

Rhodes sat down with The Shadow League to talk about why he decided to make this film, who will best benefit from watching it, and what it means for him to create this piece of art.

The multi-hyphenate partnered with Vintage Rhodes Films and 1091 Pictures to bring It’s A Wonderful Plight to the masses. The movie can be seen on Amazon Prime on Tuesday, June 15.

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