It Was Basically Over Once LeBron Threw One Down

Ok, so it wasn't technically "over" when LeBron James dunked it in the pregame but he set the tone early with a ridiculous 360.

His alley in the second quarter really was a sign that the Heat were ready to roll on Indiana. LeBron nearly hit his head on the rim catching a lob from Mario Chalmers and the rout was basically on from there. They took a 15 point lead into halftime and went on to win 99-76. 

Though LeBron was dominant again, scoring 32 and grabbing eight rebounds, he finally got some help from his co stars. Dwyane Wade chipped in 21 and nine while Chris Bosh added nine and eight.

The Heat will face the well-rested San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. Game 1 is in Miami on Thursday night.


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