“It Can Be A Trap” | Denver Nuggets Star Michael Porter Jr. Opens Up On His YouTube Channel About Why He Stays Away From Social Media 

Denver Nuggets sharpshooter Michael Porter Jr. just played a vital role in helping the franchise win its first NBA championship ever. With that comes even more fame, notoriety and visibility than he already had. But Porter, the former Missouri Tigers star isn’t letting the fame and fortune get him caught up. The 25-year-old is one of only a few athletes who isn’t too fond of social media. 

MPJ believes the cons severely outweigh the pros of being on it daily. During a recent episode of his “Curious Mike” show on his YouTube channel, he went into detail as to why he has very little social media presence.

Social Media Ain’t For MPJ, Integrity More Important 

Sitting on a remaining contract of four years and $148 million with Nuggets, MPJ feels he’s a target, and he’s not for it. 

“First, you see all this dope stuff going on,” Porter said. “You get into the comparison game or whatever, but then it’s also, as a dude, one of our struggles is females, and there’s unlimited baddies on Instagram.”

“If I’m being 100 percent, like, if you trying to focus and stay away from, like, it can be a trap. If that’s your thing you gotta be self-aware. If that’s your thing that you can fall into you can remove it for a while, and for me it helped me focus.”  

Porter continued, and even talked about his faith and being a man of substance with integrity. 

“I just think overall for me, social media and like the day and age that we live in, the cons outweigh the pros for me personally and a lot of dudes in general,” he said.

“It depends what you want out of life and what you’re trying to reach for. Me, I’m trying to, you know, walking in my faith and trying to be a man of integrity and grow. I just feel like social media is a hindrance to that.”

To hear a young athlete in today’s era say this is enlightening, but also very, very shocking. 

Porter Jr. Finally Healthy In 2022

After years of back injuries and surgeries that cost him just about the entire 2021 season, MPJ bounced back with his best NBA season in 2022. Porter’s 17.5 points per game and knockdown three-point shooting (41 percent) proved vital in the Nuggets hoisting their first Larry O’Brien trophy in franchise history. 

And with the nucleus of Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and Porter Jr., the Nuggets like their chances to win more championships in the coming years. 

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