Isaiah Austin Gets Another Chance At His NBA Dream

Two years after having his NBA aspirations dashed due to a rare disorder, Isaiah Austin may finally have a shot at fulfilling his dreams of being a pro baller.

Entering the 2014 NBA Draft, The Baylor big man was projected as either a late first round or early second round pick. After overcoming the stark reality as a teenager that he was legally blind in his right from a detached retina from a mishap dunking, he seemed poised to make it a story of perseverance.

However, during a pre-draft medical examination, it was determined that Isaiah suffered from Marfan Syndrome which affects the connective tissues of one’s body and can cause enlargement of arteries as well as the heart. Austin was rendered helpless, with the possibility of losing his life from the physical demands of basketball. He became one of the more depressing headlines of 2014, shaking many who’ve felt similar anguish from committing their livelihood to dream only to have it snatched away.

Today, Austin was medically cleared to resume basketball activities. He stated that about four months ago, Dr. David Liang of Stanford cleared him while in Minnesota. He also stated that he has resumed working out and fully intends to once again pursue his dreams of playing in the NBA.

While he still faces the obstacle of convincing a franchise that he no longer faces any health risks, Austin has fully embraced the clich, “The pursuit of happiness”.

He stated, “Basketball brings me so much joy, and I feel like my testimony will help so many people around the world.” 

His fortitude serves as a testament to his will and refusal to readily accept the cards dealt to him. 

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