Is Deion Sanders Too Good At His Job? | Top-30 Recruiting Class, Hosting Lil Wayne, There’s A New Culture In Colorado

Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, has done wonders at Colorado in a short amount of time. The Pro Football Hall of Famer has landed a top-30 recruiting class and let it be known that the Buffaloes will be hunting the big fish. He’s not shy at all about letting the world know via social media exactly what type of player he’s looking for.


That was evident when Sanders flipped top-ranked cornerback Cormani McClain from Miami to Boulder, joining forces with last year’s No. 1 ranked overall recruit in cornerback Travis Hunter.

Sanders has also been on the interview circuit with fellow Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and most recently with CBS.

In the interview, Sanders discussed a myriad of things, including the need to what he calls readjust the recruiting angle. Sanders, who’s never been one to hold his feelings, was also asked about bringing his Jackson State HBCU culture to Colorado.

CBS reporter Romi Bean asked Coach Prime about that.

“Coach Sanders, you’ve been really busy. Not just recruiting, you’ve been spending time with the legendary Bill McCartney. … You met Peggy the Super Fan. You’re going to restaurants. You’re going to games. Why is it important for you to be such an enmeshed part of this community?”

Was Bean insinuating that Coach Sanders is looking to bring his swag and what he did at JSU to Colorado?

Sure sounds that way, and it seemed to irritate Sanders.

“It’s not I’m saying let me do this strategically,” Sanders replied. “That ain’t how I get down. If I want to go to a basketball game, I’m going, OK? If I want to go meet a person or meet this person or walk around the track with Coach McCartney I’m going to do it.”

“I don’t need permission to do what’s right. I try my best to do what’s right even when wrong is present.”

Sanders is just speaking cold hard facts and letting folks know that he doesn’t care what folks think of him, as long as he’s doing what’s right.

Deion Is Changing The Culture At Colorado

From day one on the job in Boulder, Sanders has been adamant that the way things were done in the past wasn’t going to continue. When a program went 5-19 the two seasons prior to your arrival an overhaul is mandatory. And Coach Prime has done his best to rid the program of anything or anyone that wasn’t conducive to his plan for the Buffaloes going forward.

Sanders’ slogan from day one, “We Coming,” has been heard over and over. In fact it’s been repeated by him so much, from the outside looking in you start to believe it. So if us fans are beginning to believe, imagine what’s going on behind those closed doors in Boulder.

Coach Prime Loves To Host His Hollywood Friends

It’s nothing to look and see some of Sanders’ famous friends around the facility. That was the case at Jackson State as rappers Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, NLE Choppa and the late Young Dolph all made their way to Jackson, Mississippi.

Last week, Lil Wayne, a close friend of Sanders, was given a private VIP tour of the campus and top-notch football facilities. That’s just who Sanders is, and his culture is what you see, and as he stated there’s no need to strategically plan for that to happen. He’s the face of the program, and his effect on it will show.

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