Is Adrien Broner Ready To Right His Wrongs?

When Adrien Broner left the ring against Mikey Garcia last July, his ego was deflated. It was a high profile loss during an inconvenient time. After only fighting once in 2016, Broner looked to extend his then three-fight win streak to get back into possible title contention, but Garcia unceremoniously spoiled those plans with the unanimous decision win. 

I was upset,” said Broner during training camp. “At the end of the day, nobody fixes my problems but me. I can take care of everybody when they have a problem, but nobody fixes my problems. There are one or two people that are there for me but at the end of the day, I told myself I have to get my life and career together.

Since then, Showtime Sports announced its Boxing Upfront, where they put together some of the best matches that can be made in the fight business. Originally, Broner was supposed to fight Omar Figueroa, Jr. 

However, plans changed and the stakes are even more interesting as Broner’s new opponent is none other than former world champion in two weight classes, Jessie Vargas.

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After losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2016, Vargas came back to defeat Aaron Herrera last December and was patiently waiting for a new opponent. 

During this training camp, “The Problem” decided to ditch the familial environment provided by longtime trainer Mike Stafford and instead headed to West Palm Beach and the Camp Cunningham facilities of Kevin Cunningham.

Ive known Coach Cunningham since my amateur days,” said Broner. “We used to go up to St. Louis all the time and fight in his tournaments, on his shows. He is the real deal. He is not going to B.S. me. Hes going to keep me on my toes. I need that.”

There are coaches that change when their fighters get to certain levels,” Broner continued. “They still coach, but they dont provide the structure the fighter needs. When I was fighting at 130, 135, Coach Mike [Stafford] will be at my door yelling Get your butt up. We have to run. We have to train. Get up! Get up! But time went by and things changed.”

Broner sought the discomfort that a less than familial environment could offer.

Adrien Broner “the Problem ” Highlights

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Coach Mike stopped being a coach and started being more of a friend,” said Broner. “I needed him to keep being my coach. I need someone to keep me in line. Dont get me wrong, hell always be like a father figure. But when it comes to training and my career, I needed a change.

Cunningham echoed Broner’s statements during their camp together.

“Im known to be a stern and disciplined trainer, coach, and teacher,” said Cunningham. “Ive got a military and police background, so I dont play a lot of games. Were serious and were about business. When Broner made the decision to come with me, I knew that he was ready to take his career seriously because he knows what its like being here with me.” 

“He has to be about business, he has to be serious, and he has to be focused and disciplined,” Cunningham continued. “He made the choice to have me take over his training and take the lead as his head trainer and thats what hes getting when hes dealing with me.

Jessie Vargas – Highlights / Knockouts

Highlights of the current WBO Welterweight world champion. For questions or requests Email at: [email protected] Jessie Vargas – Is an American professional boxer. He is the current WBO welterweight champion, having previously held the WBA (Regular) and IBO light welterweight titles.

Broner is known to have his own agenda even if it’s in conflict with his trainers, and his personal life has always derailed his professional career. Cunningham, however, took a different strategy with the young fighter.

I told him upfront what I expected and what we needed to do and how things had to go,” said Cunningham. “I told him that if he wasnt ready to adhere to what Im expecting, he shouldnt waste his time or mine. He has done everything Ive asked of him. Everything and more. Hes going to show that hes ready to get himself together. Hes going to show the world on April 21 that hes rededicated himself, hes ready to reclaim the throne.  

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