Is AD Delaying The Inevitable To Await The Future Plans Of Giannis?

We all know 2020 NBA Champion Anthony Davis is gonna re-sign with the Lakers. But why the delay? Would he really consider not re-upping with LeBron and a reinforced Lakers squad going for a repeat? 

Here’s a reason that may not be as far fetched as some may think.

It could have something to do with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and if and when he decides to sign his SuperMax deal with the Bucks.

AD wants to see how competitive this team can be long-term with Bron soon to be 36. Adding Giannis would keep them on top even after Bron has retired

A theory no one wants to discuss is the impending free agency that looms for reigning 2-time NBA MVP if he doesn’t sign his SuperMax by Dec 21.

Could AD be waiting to see if “The Greek Freak” hits free agency? If he does the Lakers could pounce for his services.

But the only way to have the financial flexibility to add a player of that caliber would be with AD signing a 1+1 deal that will allow him to opt out next year, which in turn gives the “Lakeshow” that much – needed financial flexibility to pull the unthinkable.

The Bucks have completed a makeover in hopes of the physical specimen staying in Milwaukee but now the $230M question remains will he or won’t he stay in “Cream City”?


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