Injuries To Embiid, Curry, And Irving Threaten NBA Playoffs

Theres been a rash of injuries to NBA superstars over the past few weeks.This injury surge has come at the worst time as the NBA playoffs are about to take off and defending champion Golden State has already lost its two-time MVP for an indefinite stretch and his Splash Brother Klay Thompson has been out with a broken finger.

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Stephen Curry injury: Warriors star out at least 3 weeks, could return for NBA playoffs

Kyrie Irving recently had knee surgery and wont be back for three to six weeks. He’ll miss the first round of the playoffs for sure and there’s no guarantee he will be able to jump right back into his MVP-caliber flow. That changes the Celtics dramatically as Kyrie is a seasoned playoff killer. 

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The Boston Celtics say star point guard Kyrie Irving will miss three to six weeks after undergoing surgery on his left knee.

Philadelphia 76ers saving grace, center Joel #TrustTheProcess Embiid suffered an orbital fracture and concussion, the Sixers said Thursday.

Surgery to address the orbital fracture in his left eye will be performed in the coming days, the team said. ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported that, pending the results of the surgery, Embiid could return in two to four weeks. The 76ers have clinched a spot in the playoffs, which begin April 14.

Embiid took to Twitter as he always does to update his fans on his progress. 

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I guess I gotta trust “The Process” that I’ve been preaching… Unfortunate freak accident but I’ll be more than fine. Injuries jokes coming in 3,2,1 #TheProcess #Two-Face

Embiid suffered the injuries Wednesday night in a nasty collision with teammate Markelle Fultz during the Sixers’ 118-101 win over the New York Knicks. He was initially evaluated in the locker room and later taken to Jefferson Hospital for further evaluation and testing.

The timetable for Embiid’s return is unknown until after the surgery, but there’s a possibility of Embiid not being available for the first round of the playoffs which would crush Philly’s hopes of a deep playoff run in a similar fashion to how Steph’s prolonged absence would mean doom for a Golden State matchup with high-powered Houston led by CP3 and The Beard. 

Its almost like the basketball gods have decided to erase any major challenge to a Houston Rockets championship. The NBA regular season is coming to a nasty halt and the injured bodies of some of the leagues biggest stars are strewn all over the place.  

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