Gregg Popovich Speechless On Texas Shooting Tragedy

Perspective. Everyone has a perspective that they believe is sound and logical.  However, only a mad man can make sense of the type of pain and carnage that was visited upon church parishioners at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas when 26 people lost their lives to a deranged gunman.  

The town is a mere 33 miles from San Antonio.  

As of late, at least since this time last year, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has been the NBAs leading, candid voice on matters of government, society and racism in America.  At the postgame press conference yesterday after the Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns 112-95, he simply made a brief statement to reporters and then walked away.

We won a basketball game, but considering whats going on today, its pretty meaningless, he said When you think about the tragedy those families are suffering, its just inconceivable. Its impossible to put your head around.

So I think talking about basketball tonight is probably pretty inappropriate.

Jabari Young on Twitter

Quick Popovich reaction… basketball not important after what occurred today in Texas #Spurs

Indeed, when the country that constantly crows about being a land of freedom and opportunity would rather make excuses and point to an antiquated portion of the Constitution in order to excuse our complicity in creating an ever more violent tomorrow with our negligence, its difficult for people who feel equally so for people who think.  

Popovich has proven to be both in the past.  Though Popovich doesnt want to talk about it, the rest of us need to.  

With these recent shooting, including the Las Vegas incident in which 49 people lost their lives, America has suffered two of the five deadliest shootings in our nations history.  Something has got to give and words alone won’t make change come.

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