“I’m A Real Shooter B***h, Yo BF A Hoe!” | NBA YoungBoy Sets It Off On His Son Kace’s Mother And Her Atlanta Hawks Boyfriend Dejounte Murray

The Atlanta Hawks added Dejounte Murray over the summer, the man who finished fourth in the league in assists per game playing for the San Antonio Spurs last season. The move has been better than expected for A-Town. Unfortunately, drama has also come with the acquisition as the lines between love and hip-hop have entered the hardwood.

One mother of a child of rapper NBA YoungBoy, Jania Meshell, is currently dating Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray. Co-parenting has its challenges, but it can be even more complicated when you add living under the microscope of fame while dating.

YoungBoy believes that his son, Kacey, whom he shares with Meshell, was kicked out of a car by Murray, and he is hot about it. He took to his producer Khris James’ Instagram account to air out his son’s mother and deliver a message to Murray.

“I’m a real shooter b***h, yo bf a hoe! I was cool with him until he put my son out the car and made him walk,” YoungBoy wrote in an Instagram Story last month.

When Jania Meshell heard the news, she went to her own Instagram to tell her side of the story. With their child in tow, she had her son quasi-testify that his father’s version of events was wrong, asking if Murray ever did anything bad to him. `

“He ever put us out?” Meshell asked.

“He didn’t,” Kacey replied.

“He didn’t, right? What are people talking about?” Meshell, beset with a perplexed look on her face, wondered.

This wasn’t enough to cool things off, as YoungBoy kept calling out Murray and Meshell, making bold claims about them.

“Single moms? You bum b—h you barely get book you live off his money,” the rapper added. “F**k yall hoes.”

Meshell felt it wasn’t enough, and she took to Twitter to continue to clear the air and clarify that she wasn’t trying to knock on anybody with her words.

“The sad part is I wasn’t bashing anyone I was giving mothers a pat on the back like it’s always drama with y’all,” Meshell wrote.

Murray has yet to respond, but has been an ace for the Hawks. In the first 13 games for the Hawks, Murray helped defeat the 2021 champion Milwaukee Bucks, handing them their first season loss. Murray has had the hot hand scoring the most points for the Hawks in four games this season, including the one against the Bucks.

With success has come other beef, as Murray had a brief one with Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero. Murray outclassed Banchero on a play during a pro-am game that ended in a self-pass off the glass, and a one-handed slam by Murray finished off with in-your-face trash talk.

Then the two took to Instagram to make it personal.

“Unfollowed me on the gram and everything huh, it must be personal.” Banchero posted. “That’s fine, just make sure you guard up next time and stop sending doubles family.”

“You tried to flex that No. 1 pick s**t on me when I been rooting for you when you was a kid asking to rebound for me,” Murray responded in a post. “Don’t get on this Internet and start saying nothing… You changed from the humble kid you always was and I stand on real sh-t boy… You made it and changed and I lost all respect. Stay humble. This life you in now is real and ain’t no joke. I still want to see you win cause that’s who I am.”

“Same humble kid always vouched for you bro,” Banchero finished. “Don’t switch the narrative for the internet.”

Dejounte Murray sets the basketball world on fire, and with all success, the bad almost immediately follows the good.

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