If the Olympics Adds 3-On-3 Basketball, Which Trio Reps The USA?

According to The Associated Press, the International Olympic Committee is considering adding multiple events for the 2014 Olympics including BMX, more swimming and (drumroll please) 3-on-3 hoops.

With three years until the Rio Games, 3-on-3 basketball and BMX freestyle are trying to join the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee is assessing possible extra events, teams and athletes for Brazil after the successful London Games, with one of the deepest wish lists coming from swimming's governing body.

IOC sports director Christophe Dubi told The Associated Press on Monday that the Olympic sports federations have been "extremely creative" with their requests.

"All of them believe that adding something will be fantastic for their sport," Dubi said. "We look at it from the other angle: Will that bring, or not, an added value to the Olympic Games?"

The IOC executive board will decide Aug. 9 in Moscow which events to add after studying reports from Dubi's department. Currently, the Rio Games are to award 306 gold medals across 28 sports with a maximum of 10,700 athletes

While we're at it, why not throw in Knockout, HORSE and the slam dunk contest as medal events? Swimming is already well-represented in the Summer Games, but the world could use more basketball every four years.

If this were to happen, who reps America in the 3-on-3 challenge?

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