If The NFL Had Done The Right Thing, This Would Never Have Happened

When I was a kid, I watched Woody Woodpecker cartoons. It’s amazing that all these years later, I can vividly recall one specific episode, one which seems appropriate given the current state of the NFL as it relates to currently unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened.”

If Woody Had Gone Right to the Police

this would never have happened

See, the NFL had an opportunity to do the right thing from the jump. Not only in terms of letting Kap take advantage of the free marketplace and obtaining the job that he was fully qualified for and deserving of, but getting out in front of his protest to stand on the side of right.

Had the league and or the owners not blackballed him and colluded to push him onto the unemployment line as punishment for his taking a knee – a symbolic gesture to draw attention to the pervasive monstrousness, repulsiveness and hideousness of police brutality and societal inequity in America – along with supporting his desire to enact change as they’re scrambling to do now, they wouldn’t be faced with this quagmire and backlash that’s threatening their oh-so sacred bottom line right now.

Throughout this entire farce, the NFL has been bumbling and stumbling. They continue to stutter and stammer like the Champ in Harlem Nights. They just can’t seem to get their story straight. 

Kolony Out Now on Twitter

We #takeaknee to STAND UP against racism @kaepernick7

And in deflecting the blame onto players for supposedly “disrespecting the flag”, while being wagged by a mental midget and petulant, geriatric child in the White House, they’ve created this mess, one which never would have existed in the first place had they exercised pure common sense and practiced what they’re adamant in terms of preaching and extolling – fairness.

The league and its owners made this bed, not Colin Kaepernick nor any other player who accelerated his movement forward by continuing to silently and respectfully protest. And it seems with each new day, they continue to err, and the chickens continue to come home to roost with more and more transparency.

Yesterday, practically the entire Houston Texans roster took a knee during the national anthem in response to team owner Bob McNair’s Freudian Slip that, We can’t have the inmates running the prison. He proceeded to prove that he was no Don Draper, but rather George Costanza when it comes to the art of the lie as he proceeded to comically claim that he was referring to the relationship between owners and the league itself. 

No siiiiiiir, Bob! 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Here is video of the majority of Texans players kneeling during the National Anthem. https://t.co/RnrsgaFO1k

You managed, in a moment of clarity when you thought you were safe from the prying eyes of the world, to let your true feelings be known. And the hilarity and profundity in all of this is that your sentiment, your thoughts, your racist leanings are emblematic of the societal mindset that the players, inaugurated by Kaepernick, were taking a knee against in the first place.

“If the NFL had done the right thing, this would never have happened.”

And now we have this latest news that, after numerous news reports that Kaepernick was being invited to the table for the latest rounds of talks between owners and players was all a bunch of hogwash. He was supposedly invited to New York for the talks that took place two weeks ago. But in actuality, he really wasn’t.

LEFT on Twitter

The beautiful thing about Colin Kaepernick’s strategic silence is that the NFL owners keep opening their mouths and legitimizing his claim.

On Saturday, ESPN reported that a coalition of NFL players has extended an invitation to [Houston Texans owner Bob McNair], commissioner Roger Goodell and unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a Monday meeting in Philadelphia at which they hope to address players immediate concerns before additional progress can be made. 

Yet Kap and his legal team were quick to point out that this was something that Amy Dunne in Gone Girl could have cooked up.

A few days ago, people rejoiced when it was reported that Kap was expected to be invited to the next meetings. Except for one minor detail that seemed to escape from all of the news reports. And that was that Kap had actually been frozen out of these discussions.

As Slate documented with correspondence for Kaepernick’s legal team, it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

And now the clown show continues. With Bob McNair igniting the latest firestorm and Kap being frozen out of any discussions, the fact remains that there will be no goodwill between the players and owners until one very glaring injustice is remedied. The NFL and its owners will never be taken seriously in these discussions until Colin Kaepernick gets a job, and until he’s present at these meetings. It’s that simple.

And the conservative owners and fan base that they seem so intent on catering to, hilariously, have no clue that they’re the reason why some people are boycotting and not watching games.

In that cartoon episode I referenced earlier, Woody Woodpecker inherits a fortune, which con man Buzz Buzzard proceeds to swindle him out of. In the end, Woody is made whole again and gets what’s owed to him when Buzz crashes through the ceiling and into the file cabinet of the police captain from the Bunco Squad, aka the fraud division charged with investigating and prosecuting swindlers. 

Slate on Twitter

Slate has obtained emails showing @Kaepernick7 has been frozen out of discussions between NFL players and owners: https://t.co/1QGI3FC4hw

Bob McNair and his like-minded ownership cronies have gotten away with their con for a long time now. But in the end, the jig will eventually be up and the scheme and fraud will be exposed and foiled.

McNair and his crew are a bunch of Buzz Buzzard’s. Colin Kaepernick is Woody Woodpecker. Eventually, Buzz comes crashing down to earth thanks to his own arrogance and ruthless recklessness. And in the end, Woody walks away vindicated, laughing.

“If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened. And if he NFL had done the right thing, none of this ever would have happened either.”

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