Ice Cube Wants To Break Pro Sports Quarantine With Big3 Tournament

As the sports fateful peruse the horizon for entertainment in these trying coronavirus times, Ice Cube is fiending for a scheme that will not only place the Big3 brand as a welcome respite from our nation’s current situation, but I place them in position emerge from these circumstances as a better brand than it had ever been.

Now, that’s saying something considering the Big3’s popularity has increased over each of its years in existence. 
According to Yahoo Sports, Cube an’ the gang are trying to bring back basketball as soon as April. The plans are for 16 to 22 players to be quarantined in a mansion together and play in a 3-on-3 tournament for that gwop, cheddar, scratch, etcetera.  

If he can pull it off, the rest of the leagues may follow suit. It wouldn’t be the first time Cube’s vision has been extorted by another pro league.

Ice Cube has risen to iconic heights not only as an entertainer but as an actor, director and business mogul. His Big3 League has thrived because he thinks outside of the box and has a direct connection with the heartbeat of the common man. 

His Big3 League has been pioneers in hiring women to lead men, in allowing cannabidiol use for players to curb pill addiction and the league’s mental health initiatives are also groundbreaking. 

It’s no surprise that Ice Cube would attempt to answer the call of the people and figure out a way to play some basketball in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic that has attacked and shut down sports. 

The fourth season of the BIG3 is still scheduled to begin on June 20 in Memphis, but with the unknown elements surrounding the coronavirus, something has got to give. 

There are now 10 NBA players who have tested positive for the coronavirus: Two on the Lakers, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics, Kevin Durant and three other Nets players, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and one on the Pistons.

Of course, in Cube’s genius scheme, all players would have to test negative for COVID-19 and there are to be strict rules forbidding outside contact.  

According to the Big3’s website, powered by CBS Sports, the details are yet to be ironed out. However, Yahoo Sports quotes Big3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz as saying. 

“As long as we can protect the players, which we will do through proper testing and quarantine, Ice Cube and I feel we can give fans some safe, entertaining brand of basketball to get everyone through this pandemic,” Kwatinetz said. “Cube and I have been in the entertainment business for 30 years. This is our job. People want to be entertained with all we’re going through and enjoy our sports. We think this will help.” 

Yep, people like to be entertained, and, outside of television and live concerts, nothing packs them in like spectator sports. But ain’t nobody got time to get sick, hence the quarantine being a key factor here.   

Those chosen would play games in the Big3 format but would be shuffled around after the first round. Once an individual loses three times he is eliminated from the competition.  

At this point, it’s unclear where the pool of talent will come from, or how good they’re going to be. But we’ll just keep it a buck and assume Cube is going to bring that heat. Anything else would be uncivilized. Deuces!