“We Want Players Who Actually Play”: Ice Cube On Deactivation Of Lamar Odom And Others

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If you didn’t know already, now you do.

Ice Cube doesn’t play around, especially when it comes to money and the Big3. So when the league issued a statement about deactivating a few players, fans knew it wasn’t something random.

In that statement, the Big3 announced they were deactivating Baron Davis, Bonzi Wells, Lamar Odom and Jermaine O’Neal for the remainder of the 2019 season. Fans were surprised, especially about Lamar Odom as everyone wanted to see his comeback after the ups and downs over the last few years. Odom was on the “Enemies” squad with Royce White and Gilbert Arenas.

Last night, we found out more about this suprising decision.

“As a league, we want players that are actually playing, so if you aren’t playing, or can’t play, or you have any health issues …” said Ice Cube to TMZ.  Before he walked off, he was asked if he was concerned for Odom, to which he replied, “Always. I love the guy.”

When it came to Baron Davis, who hadn’t played a game this season, his deactivation was related to him deciding not to play in the league, which he later confirmed in a tweet. Bonzi Wells, who also hadn’t played a game this season, was replaced on the 3’s Company team by Dahntay Jones.

Jermaine O’Neal though, who also hadn’t played a game this season, was deactivated soley due to injury, a fact the league referred to in a statement on Twitter:

“Although injury has taken Jermaine off the court, he will continue to lead as a Big3 Board Member.” read the statement.

The Big3 heads to Providence on Saturday July 13th, and then moves down to Brooklyn to play at Barclays on Sunday, July 14th.