“My Goal Is Still To Win The NBA Title” | Rudy Gobert Is Warning Us Not To Sleep On The T-Wolves

Rudy Gobert has been one of the NBA’s most consistent players and an elite defensive force. His production and paint presence is what attracted the Minnesota Timberwolves to pursue him as a centerpiece for their star-studded core.

Right now they’re surging and surprising folks who slept on the talented squad. This is the best they’ve been in recent years, and Gobert’s fit right in. The center says he has one thing on his mind right now, winning a championship.

Rudy Gobert Is Thinking Championship

The 7-footer recently discussed his move to the Timberwolves over the offseason, his renewed vigor to chase a championship with his new team, as well as what the trade from Utah to Minnesota meant for him personally.

First and foremost, Gobert doesn’t feel like the nine-year seasoned veteran that he is. In fact, Gobert says moving to Minnesota and starting fresh is reminiscent of his rookie year back in 2013.

Move To Timberwolves Similar To Rookie Season

“I would say that a new cycle in my life and career has started with this change. I’m getting to know a new group, a new organisation and a new city. It’s all very exciting.” Gobert said. “I was in the same franchise for nine years that I never left. So it’s a situation that I’ve never experienced in the NBA before.” 

Gobert wasn’t the one who initiated the trade to Minnesota.

The Jazz and Minnesota reached a deal to move the Frenchman to the T-Wolves, and before everything was finalized the Timberwolves reached out and spoke to Gobert about wanting to play for them, and Gobert was perfectly fine with the idea.

“I was fortunate that Minnesota spoke to my agent and asked me before signing if I would enjoy playing for them, if I liked the challenge the club offered me. I said, ‘Yes, I’m interested,’ and the agreement was quickly reached.” Gobert told VegasInsider this past week.

Nonetheless, the mission in chilly Minnesota is the same as it was in Utah, win a championship. Though Gobert only made it as far as the semifinals with the Jazz, he has newfound hope that he can surpass that level of success with the Wolves.

“My goal is still to win the NBA title and I feel like I can get that with my addition to this team.” Gobert told VegasInsider. 

Gobert also aspires to improve himself as a person in Minnesota. 

“I also realized that I should come here for my personal development on and off the court. I’m in Minnesota to try to get this team up and try to get me up there too.”

He’s got help in pursuing those goals. Playing alongside certified star Karl-Anthony Towns, current all-star snub Anthony Edwards, and stud point guard D’Angelo Russell allows Gobert to do what he does best.

This is a group of guys that can score at a very high clip, and what they need to balance them out is defense.

Rudy Gobert Brings Defense To Minnesota

That is where the Steiffel Tower steps in, and currently he’s just focusing on finding some chemistry with them so that they can start cranking out wins.

“Of course we still have a lot of work to do to achieve that and the chemistry has to be right, but it can work well, I’m absolutely convinced of that. It will definitely go well if we maintain the right momentum.” Gobert stated.

The Western Conference is as competitive as it gets, and with teams like the Suns, Warriors, Pelicans, Nuggets, Grizzlies, the Wolves are going to need the best of Gobert on a nightly basis. 

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