“I Need To Find Myself A Latina” | Queen Of Latin Music Shakira Was Never Dating Jimmy Butler, But She Seems To Be Dating F1 Star Lewis Hamilton

In today’s edition of, “Who is Latin music star Shakira is dating?” we have Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 star who’s also a minority owner of the Denver Broncos.

After being seen getting on a boat with Hamilton at her swanky $20 million South Beach mansion following last month’s Miami Grand Prix, the Queen of Latin Music arrived in Spain over the weekend for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Reports are she brought as many 19 suitcases to Barcelona, meaning there could be some fun going on in the country’s capital after the race. And why else would she be at the Spanish Grand Prix if she isn’t dating Hamilton, a seven-time Formula 1 champion racer?

Shakira Linking With Lewis Hamilton?

The hookup shouldn’t be a surprise, as the British-born Hamilton and Colombian-born Shakira have been seen together over the last few months. In fact, earlier this year, during an interview Hamilton blurted out that “I need to find myself a Latina.” 

So if we’re reading between the lines, maybe Hamilton already had something in the works with Shakira. Who knows, but one thing for sure and two things for certain, the two seem to be an item. 

Rumors Of Shakira Not Taking Tom Cruise’s Advances Have Picked Up

With Shakira and Hamilton now looking like an item, reports have surfaced that she shut down “Mission Impossible” star Tom Cruise. The aforementioned Cruise reportedly showed interest in the Latin music star after the two stars spent some time together at the Miami Grand Prix. 

An insider with insight on how Cruise moved in an attempt to get Shakira’s attention following the Grand Prix race said this. 

“Tom is an all-or-nothing character, he goes from 0 to 100,” the insider said of the superstar. “His friends have gently advised that he’s do well to dial it back.”

Shakira Recently Divorced

Shakira recently parted ways with her husband of 12 years, Gerald Pique. 

And with that relationship in the rearview mirror, she seems totally focused on seeing where things go with Hamilton. 

Shakira Was Also Linked To Jimmy Butler 

After posting a video of herself at a Miami Heat playoff game about two weeks ago, rumors began to swirl that Shakira and Jimmy Butler were somehow intertwined. That picked up even more steam when the two followed each other on Instagram. 

As quickly as it became a thing, it went away just as fast. Shakira lives in Miami and could’ve just been enjoying the home team in the NBA playoffs. But in typical social media fashion, a follow and a follow back must mean something is going on. Or she could just be fabricating some promotion for the new music she released this year and her 2023-24 tour dates she has coming up.

It’s pretty clear that people are extremely interested in who Shakira is dating, and anytime she has any contact with a male, the headlines are going to be buzzing.

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