Milwaukee Bucks Fan Detained In Russian Prison For Six Years Says He Had No Idea Giannis Antetokounmpo Led Bucks To NBA Championship In 2021

In 2021, the Milwaukee Bucks won their first NBA championship since 1971. As fans celebrated in and around Fiserv Forum, which is adjacent to the “Mecca” and “Bradley Center, former homes of the Bucks, one fan didn’t even know the team had accomplished such a feat.

That fan is none other than Craig, aka Reddit user B_R_O_G_D_O_N, who happened to be locked up for six years in a Russian prison, so he had no idea the Bucks hoisted a Larry O’Brien Trophy until he was released.

Crazy, right?

On Reddit, Craig wrote the following ….

“I just found out that the Milwaukee Bucks won an NBA championship, and I cannot contain my excitement!”

Craig Lays It All Out There 

Craig wasn’t done, and he even made an entire post about how he ended up in a Russian prison, and why Malcolm Brogdon is his favorite player, although he isn’t a Bucks player anymore. 

“Hey all, Craig here. 

“I used to be a relatively frequent r/MkeBucks and r/NBA s—poster back in the day spreading the good word of my favorite NBA player, Malcolm Brogdon. A few years back, I took a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe and admittedly made some poor decisions which led to an extended stay in a Russian prison. Recently, I was released and was able to make my way back towards my friend’s place in Munich who’s been debriefing me on some pop culture events that I missed, while we work towards rebuilding my life. Side note, Shazam’s my favorite superhero, and I can’t wait to watch both his movies! 

“I know nothing about the current state of the NBA, just that we won a title. How’s the roster looking? Any big acquisition? Up and comers? We going to win another title soon?”

Pause on the basketball stuff for a second, what’s amazing is he can remember his Reddit login after six years in a Russian slammer. As far as the Bucks go, as long as Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the roster there’s always a chance at winning a title. 

Bucks Were Betting Favorites To Win It All This Year But Choked In First Round

After securing the best record in the NBA during the regular season, Milwaukee fell flat on its face in a surprising first-round loss to the eighth-seeded Miami Heat, who eventually became Eastern Conference champions. An injury to the aforementioned Antetokounmpo in the opening game definitely played a role, but the Bucks still had enough to beat the Heat, who barely got in the playoffs. 

Now Giannis and his Bucks will be on a revenge tour in 2023, with new head coach Adrian Griffin, who replaced Mike Budenholzer after he fell out of favor just two seasons after winning a title. 

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