“I Feel Like He Could Fit In This Locker Room”| Antonio Brown Ready To Take Talents And Baggage To Charm City With Lamar Jackson

Just weeks after quitting on his team in the middle of a game, trashing his coach and quarterback and then going on a week celebrity splurge with the likes of Kanye West, Antonio Brown says he now wants to play with Lamar Jackson.

During an appearance on the popular “I AM ATHLETE” podcast, the talented but troubled wideout spoke about his future plans:

“Lamar Jackson. Action Jackson. Let’s give Lamar his flowers … shoutout Lamar Jackson. He’s a great quarterback and dynamic playmaker. That’s it.”


And it seems as if Jackson would welcome AB joining the Ravens, as he quoted the tweet.

Ravens wide receiver Marquise Hollywood Brown is AB’s cousin. In 2020 he tried to lure AB to the Ravens.

That would have been a game-changer for LJ8, who’s never had anything close to an all-time receiver.

Here’s what the former MVP told PennLive.com: 

“A.B. he’s a guy that’s gonna bring the best out of you. I feel like he could fit in this locker room. He’s a guy that’s competitive. He’s going to go out there and give 100 percent, and seeing stuff like that is going to make other guys wanna do the same.
I’ve been working out with A.B. since I was in college, so I know he’s a guy that’s going to push you. I learned a lot from him just about making sure everything is right. Even when you’re not injured, always work on yourself and always better yourself.”


The Ravens could use the help at receiver, after having their tight end Mark Andrews lead the team in receiving yards with 1,361 yards. The aforementioned Hollywood Brown was second on the team with 1,008 yards.

Jackson would also need to improve in his downfield passing to add a player like AB, who’s strength is being a home z threat. Jackson is extremely erratic on the deep ball at times.

Brown Would Bring Immense Talent, But A Ton Of Baggage: Why Bother?

Brown’s latest act of defiance occurred on Jan. 2 in New York during Week 17 of the NFL regular season. Brown quit the team on the field and proceeded to undress and leave the stadium. His claim was the Buccaneers coaches were trying to force him to re-enter the game on a bum ankle.


Brown was immediately released following his actions. Bucs head coach Bruce Arians rebutted Brown’s claims and attributed the real reason for the beef to Brown not receiving enough targets to reach incentive bonuses in his contract.

In 2020 when AB first signed with the Bucs amidst controversy, legal battles and burnt bridges with prior coaches and teammates. Bruce Arians said this ….

“He screws up one time, he’s gone.”

AB arrived in Tampa with the full support of Tom Brady after stints in Oakland and New England. In Oakland he was released before playing a game for comments made about then-GM Mike Mayock.

He was then released from New England after playing just one game, following multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior, including rape.

Who really wants to deal with a guy who seems to be the common denominator in every incident? No way this can be somebody else’s fault every time.

Brown pretty much wrote his own ticket out of Pittsburgh and continues to be productive on the field and problematic outside the lines.

Ravens have the leadership in place capable of dealing with a player like AB, but the question is do they want to?

That remains to be seen, but their franchise QB and his cousin already seem to be on board.

Maybe AB gets ANOTHER shot and this time he can help Lamar Jackson elevate as a passer.

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