No Thank You | Bills Josh Allen Is Latest Star QB To Pass On Netflix “Quarterback” Series

Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen says the opportunity to appear on the hit Netflix series “Quarterback” is appealing. But, while he’s gone back and forth on whether he should star in Season 2, he’s just focused on winning football games in 2023. The first season, which featured Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota drew rave reviews, and as the 2023 NFL season approaches producer Peyton Manning is trying line up his next three to follow throughout their entire NFL season. 

Allen, who’s unsure if wants to join the cast, also talked about why he’s on the fence about it. He also admitted that he recently spoke to reigning and two-time NFL and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes about his experience of doing it. 

Allen Calls Show Cool, But Hasn’t Given The OK That He’ll Join

“I talked to Pat Mahomes a little bit about it, and I think it’s a really cool concept. You look at some of the documentaries that have come out in the past, the Jordan documentary [“The Last Dance”]. I think that to have everything documented, especially as a quarterback, is really cool.”

Allen sounds like he wants to give it a try, but quickly says he doesn’t want to bring any extra attention to the Bills as a whole. 

“I don’t want any outside distractions. I don’t want any unnecessary distractions for myself or this team. I’m not saying that it would be.

“I’m a little undecided on whether I should want to do it or not,” Allen added. “I go back and forth sometimes in my mind, but as of now, I’m just trying to be the best quarterback for this team.”

What Is Netflix ‘Quarterback’ About? 

The series not only follows what the QB does on the field, but it also delves into the personal lives of the QBs. For instance, in SSeason 1 we saw Patrick Mahomes and his family doing things away from the field. Kirk Cousins gave us access into his home on numerous occasions, and Marcus Mariota’s wife showed herself attending doctor appointments as the couple was expecting their first child. 

For Allen, that may be the deal breaker with him reportedly dating actress Hailee Stanfield, and no one knows how she’ll feel about being filmed for the documentary. 

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