Hulk Hogan’s Rumored WWE Return Will Be A Chair Shot To Black Fans

Hulk Hogans N-word tirade that surfaced in 2016, where he is recorded calling his daughters boyfriend the vile characterization, has lost him a lot of respect from a legion of culturally-diverse fans. The fans who looked up to an 80’s living legend who told kids to eat their vitamins say their prayers and great things will come to them. 

Hogan apologized for his remarks, but 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mark Henry is demanding that Hogan apologizes to his Black WWE family and the fans that have lined his pockets with green for years. 

Hogan’s still not humbled and is trying to call the shots on how he will go about apologizing. In the process, he just reinforced his racist attitude towards African-Americans and further damaged his relationship with a black community that once revered him. 

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Black WWE Star Demands Apology from Hulk Hogan for His Racist Rant

While speaking on SiriusXMs Busted Open, Henry addressed the tape and said he wants an apology to all current Black WWE stars before Hogan comes back to the organization.

Hogan isn’t having it. 

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Hulk Hogan has responded to Mark Henry. TMZ caught up with The Hulkster once again at the airport & questioned Hogan about Henry’s recent comments. Hogan says he needs to apologize to all wrestlers for the horrible things that he has said.

If this was a real sport, Hogan wouldnt be allowed back in the league after something of this nature surfaced, but Henry says a return to the WWE is possible for Hogan if he apologizes on their terms and with a bit more humility. 

Hulk Hogan’s Daughter Defends Him, Says She’s Been Subject to Racism

Brooke Hogan, daughter of the newly-infamous Hulk Hogan, defended her father in an interview with ET on Tuesday. In the interview, the 27-year-old singer claimed that her father was not a racist for a number of reasons, of which she included her relationships with mixed-race men and Hulk’s ongoing friendships with Mr. T and noted North Korea sympathizer Dennis Rodman.

Its kind of a deal where you have to accept it. Hes a public figure, Henry said via Wrestling Inc. It doesnt mean that everything hes done is forgiven, you just gotta pick the good from the bad, see how you can help the situation. I sit on the chair of the delegation and theyre not ready. Ive had many talks, I mean with dozens of guys. The consensus is theres a lot of work to be done to heal that wound and fix that wall.

In 2016, the National Enquirer and Death and Taxes released audio and a transcript of Hogans bigoted rant and posted it online for the first time. 

The 62-year-old’s racist rant was first reported in 2012 as part of the unaired portion of a leaked sex tape from 2006 posted by Gawker, which later removed the tape after a suit by the wrestling legend.

In similar Donald Sterling fashion, Hogan revealed a deep hatred, jealousy and racist contempt towards Black men, especially when it comes to men of color dating their daughters, girlfriends or family members. 

Hulk Hogan Is Super Racist! | TMZ

The transcript from his sex tape was leaked and the Hulkster drops the n-word a bunch of times! Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for related content… Hulk Hogan FIRED by WWE As N-Word Scandal Erupts Mike Epps — Black Guys Gonna Keep Datin’ Your Daughter!!!

The American hero that had kids of all ethnicities idolizing his blonde hair, huge pythons, ripped shirts and hanging on his every word, had his hidden bigotry exposed when 10-year-old audio leaked of Hogan freely calling his daughter Brooke Hogans then-boyfriend a n and saying hes racist to a point.

I dont give a f if she an 8-foot tall basketball player, he said. If were gonna f with ns, lets get a rich one!

The reference to rich N-words being more acceptable for Brooke to date is even more revealing. If Hogans daughter was to be with a Black man, he had to at least be P.Diddy, Jay-Z or the King of an African country. A pro athlete with max money would even do. But you could hear the horror in Hogans bigoted voice when he suggested that his daughter had scoured the bottom of the barrel in having a relationship with a black man who wasnt wealthy. 

Ignorance at its best. It was a sound bite all too familiar to millennial white girls who are seeing colorless and less and refusing to succumb to the outdated, systematic and historical racism perpetrated by white males, which has limited their dating pool in the past.  

Hulk Hogan fired after reports of racial slurs in video

Hulk Hogan fired after reports of racial slurs in video Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discusses WWE’s firing of Hulk Hogan amid a report that he used racial slurs in a conversation caught on tape, and the WWE’s responsibility in encouraging villains.

The fear is as old as slavery and as times have changed and open racism has become hidden and overt, its clear that many white men still have this disdain for Black men dating white women. Many white fathers, brothers, and uncles, who have Black friends and business partners, draw the line at one of the women in their family dating outside of the race.   

When it does occur, a venomous objection followed by racial epithets is par for the course in many instances. Public Enemy’s Fear of A Black Planet is the title of a classic hip-hop album that still resonates in our everyday lives. 

Still, Hogan is living in a fantasy world, telling TMZ on Saturday that Im friends with all the guys, come on.

Hogan will never be friends with any of the Black WWE wrestlers and Vince McMahon who is not known to be the most racially sensitive guy should also take the blame if he allows Hulk Hogan back into the mix. After what he said he has to be excommunicated from the sport. I was once a Hulkamaniac too, but the fantasy of youth has given way to the dark realities of adult life and the Hulkster is ultimately nothing more than an oppressor. 

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