How to Win Your Wife Back: According to Robin Thicke, Name an Album After Her

If this works out for Robin Thicke, then adulterous husbands from across the globe might need to take notice. Thicke named his upcoming album, Paula, after estranged wife Paula Patton as he continues to scratch and claw to try and win her back. 

The “Blurred Lines” singer and his super fine actress wife split up in February after photos appeared on social media of him groping a groupie where the sun don’t shine. When cheating claims surfaced, Thicke pledged his undying love for and has vowed to win his wife back.

The debut single from the album is called “Get Her Back.” And Thicke sang the ode at the Billboard Music Awards last month.   It’s too early in the game to tell whether or not this tactic is helping him to get back in the good graces of Paula.  Only time will tell. 


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