How to Capitalize on the Fast-Growing Sports Gambling Industry

Sports gambling companies are one of the key contributors to Portugal’s economy. Sports gambling is fully embraced in Portugal as locals and non-locals love sporting activities. Sporting is an ancient activity in Portugal, with football being the main sport.

This, however, is not limited to other sporting activities, including athletics, tennis, swimming, surfing, canoeing, gymnastics, handball, hockey, volleyball, and rugby. Portugal is also home to traditional forms of sporting activities, including bullfighting and martial arts. These games have been existent, and people gamble on the ground against the winning party.

Sports gambling has existed since the traditional times when people would bet using goods other than money. The evolution of sports betting has made it easy for you to live off sports betting. The biggest question is, how do you make money from sports gambling? Is gambling a sport?

According to our expert Victoria Oliveira, here is how to capitalize on Portugal’s fast-growing sports gambling industry.


1. Being A Sports Analyst 

A golden opportunity to make money from the sports gambling industry is by becoming a sports analyst. In a nutshell, a sports analyst is one who carefully analyzes a sporting activity, gaining all the required knowledge on the sport and creating sport-related material for different media outlets. Choose a sport that you are knowledgeable about because this is a sensitive niche.



A sports analyst may be a radio sports announcer, a tv sports anchor, or a freelance sports writer. Becoming a sports analyst requires you first to acquire some knowledge of sports. After gaining the knowledge, you need to find some experience by finding internships and volunteering in sports forums. This builds your resume and places you in a better place to get a job as a sports analyst.

You can start a blog where you will be analyzing different games and create a following. You can even go ahead and create a premium service where you will charge people to access your content. Sports analysts earn an average income of upwards of $42,509 per year which is very good money.


2. Creating an Online Casino Platform

One of the ways to capitalize on the sports gambling industry is by creating a sports betting platform. Online casinos are taking over as people no longer have to visit land-based casinos to play various games. Sports is a billion-dollar industry, and people can bet on various games such as soccer, football, basketball, boxing, and hockey, to mention a few.



Sports betting is a lucrative way of earning money from sports betting. However, you must ensure that you invest in data applications to ensure that your website’s odds are always updated. Getting a web developer who understands the gambling sector is the first step towards creating such a platform. The good news is that you can borrow ideas from 888 casino Portugal if you are unsure of what it takes to create a perfect platform.

Offer Live Streaming Services

The introduction of live streaming services is an excellent tool to earn money from the online sports gambling business. Live streaming a sporting event could earn you some money.


Live streaming of a sporting event entails;

Having internet access
Having a computer microphone and camera
Log in to a streaming software like YouTube or Twitch and open a live stream account carefully selecting your settings
Invest in additional software like a scoreboard from a trusted software provider
Setup a live fan feedback window where fans can cheer their favorite players-It is an excellent interactive tool
Go Live


The advantage of live streaming is that you earn money from the viewers of your live feed, and you can also run ads in the middle of the game, which is an excellent online marketing tool.

Live streaming requires you to advertise your live stream and be efficient in it. This calls for the use of the best equipment to lure players to join your live stream, gaining you more members, which translates to more money.

Using these methods, you could easily capitalize on the fast-growing sports gambling industry here in Portugal.

You can as well become an online gambler as long you understand the dynamics of the sports market from Portugal to the United States.

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