Houston Rockets Kevin Porter Was Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence On His Girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick, But Now Her Lawyer Says Allegations Are Not True

Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter, Jr. is going through a strange time. He was arrested in New York on Sept. 11, at the Millenium Hilton Hotel and charged with assault and strangulation against his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick. However, now her lawyer is saying that the charges are untrue, and his innocence against the inflammatory accusations stands in the balance.

The details of the incident sound horrifying.

Per reports, the 23-year-old Porter allegedly punched and choked the 26-year-old Gondrezick in their hotel room until she couldn’t breathe. Per Porter’s Manhattan Criminal Court arraignment records, she reportedly ran out of the room and was discovered by hotel employees covered in blood in the hallway and bruised. Police received a 911 call about the incident.

What Happened?

Where it gets confusing is that police report that Gondrezick said to authorities that Porter hit her multiple times with a closed fist and that she had a gash above her right eye that was inches long, per Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Mirah Curzer.

Now, her attorney is saying something completely different.

“Statements that were attributed to her were not her words,” said Gondrezick’s lawyer, Robert Hantman, to Fox News. “She says he didn’t strike her repeatedly. He’s a big guy. If he hit her repeatedly, she’d have a broken jaw. According to her, she wasn’t being strangled. That was an exaggeration. She doesn’t want the public to think that what was said by the government were her words.”

According to a forensic pathologist who reviewed the information via Fox News Digital, Gondrezick has a congenital defect that was mistaken for a cracked vertebra.

Say What?

“This was a condition she was born with that had little effect on her and was not a result of fresh trauma,” said forensic pathologist Michael Baden.

Ironically, Gondrezick’s sister, Kalabrya Haskins, the widow of late NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins, did a post to her Instagram story that is now gone.

If you think you gone touch my sister & not get touched. Count ya f***ing days,” she posted. “Better hope and pray you’ll be able to walk again let alone dribble.”

However, the attorney is saying that the details of the altercation are baffling. He doesn’t know why they were fighting in the first place since they went out that night, with Gondrezick returning to her hotel room afterward.

Porter didn’t have a room key, per her attorney. However, security let him into the room.

“There was an altercation, which was over very fast. Everything happened very fast,” Hantman said to Fox News.

After being released on $100,000 bail, Hantman has to return to court on Oct. 16. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke on the incident, saying, “One thing I learned over many years of working on these cases is not to assume anything here and not just rely on headlines,” he said at a press conference. The league is investigating the claims.

Gondrezick is a WNBA free agent who previously played for the Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky.

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