Hey Look! Football Players Doing The Right Thing

From concussions to bullying, there are many reasons to be upset with the game of football at the moment. While these issues gained national attention recently, isolating these incidents and viewing them as representative of what football is about is an overreaction. Though football, like many sports, has it's faults that need to be addressed, the game also builds self-esteem, encourages teamwork and responsibility, and teaches discipline. 

Though high-profile coaches and teams often come across as rather heartless, that stigma is usually reserved for schools that are run more like businesses. In the ranks of the normal universities, there are many strong communities raising responsible adults. N.C. State is one of those programs. In the midst of a bad year, these two players recently took time out of their lunch to sit with a student in a wheelchair who was sitting alone. 

Does it erase the memory of Richie Incognito's voicemail? Not quite. But NFL teams looking to distance themselves from such a culture would be wise to find people who do a kindness for someone else just because they felt like it.