Herschel Walker Backs Out Of October Debate With Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, Citing Sunday Night Football | But The Date Is A Thursday

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

If he’s not trying to explain climate change, a topic he knows absolutely nothing about, he’s telling lies about his résumé. The former Heisman winner has even lied about the number of children he had. To many, Walker has looked like an incompetent candidate for the Georgia Senate seat, but he’s still here and still putting his foot in his mouth.

Did Former NFL Star Herschel Walker Unveil Two More Children? | Honesty Doesn’t Seem To Be The GOP Senate Candidate’s Best Policy

On Friday, Walker told 13 WZAZ television that he had no plans to appear for an October 13 debate against incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, although he previously agreed to it. 

Walker cited Sunday NFL football as his reasoning for not participating. But get this: The debate is scheduled for a Thursday in Macon, Georgia.

 “I’m not going to respond to anything because you know that’s not a debate, and you know that. You’ve got people that are contributors to his campaign and it’s in this room that only two people gonna see it on a Sunday night I think. NFL football, I am giving you an opportunity to be statewide so everybody can see what it is, see the constraint between the two of us. I don’t know how you can ask for anything better?”



Walker is once again at a loss for words, as he tries to give his explanation. This has been his MO the entire campaign. Try to avoid debates by giving these strange and not very well-thought-out excuses.

Walker is still scheduled to debate Warnock on Friday Oct. 14, in Savannah, Georgia, for now. 

 Walker Likening October 14th Debate To “Rumble In The Jungle?”

In promoting the debate on the 14th, the former Georgia Bulldogs legend had plenty to say, even taking a shot at the highly-educated and well-respected Warnock.

“It is like the ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ Everyone gets a chance to see he and I go at it. This little country boy that’s not too smart, and I am trying to unseat a Senator who is wrecking things. I’m going to call him Wreck-It Ralph. He ought to get to Savannah, Georgia, to go up against Herschel Walker.”



Well, Walker seems to admit what many already assumed, that’s he’s not too smart. But why can’t he debate on both nights?? What can he possibly say a day later that he wouldn’t say on the 13th?

Warnock will be there both nights, because he’s confident and well-prepared in what he’s coming to do. While Walker will more than likely try to wing it and avoid the real topics as much as possible.

Walker Says It’s Time To See The Difference: Whatever That Means

Walker who’s been doing his best bob-and-weave imitation as it pertains to debates, attempted to make it sound like Warnock has been avoiding face-to-face combat.

“It is time that people see the difference. So on October 14, I want Senator Warnock to be ready because I’ve accepted a debate. Now he can quit talking and show the people he’s going to stand behind his words and show up for the debate.”

Walker is talking really tough two months out from the debate. And again, he’s the one who’s avoided debating Warnock. Now he’s ready, but still months away. By then Walker may have drummed up another lame excuse to back out again. 

If the people in Georgia vote him in, it will be an interesting term and a possible black eye on the U.S. government. But never say never, it could possibly happen.

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