“He Was Wearing A ‘BudLight’ Paper Wristband” | Brother Of Denver Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. Charged With Homicide In Fatal Crash

A younger brother of Michael Porter Jr. was charged Wednesday with four felony counts of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault stemming from a suspected drunken-driving crash in Denver that killed a woman and seriously injured a man.

Why Was Coban Porter Arrested? 

The incident took place on Jan. 22, at the intersection of S. University Blvd and E. Buchtel Blvd, according to the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

Coban Porter was charged with vehicular homicide — DUI; vehicular homicide — reckless driving; vehicular assault — DUI; and vehicular assault — reckless driving in the death of Katharina Rothman, 42, and the “serious bodily injury” of Rothman’s 47-year-old passenger.

According to investigators, Porter, 21, exhibited signs of intoxication at the scene. Those included “bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred and mumbling speech, and the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.” He was also wearing a “BudLight” paper wristband.

Police allege that Coban Porter was speeding when he ran a red light and crashed into Rothman’s vehicle.

Coban Porter is next scheduled to appear in court to enter his plea on February 6th.

This will likely end up with Coban Porter serving serious prison time.

According to the Colorado Legal Defense Group:

If you were driving under the influence and killed someone, then vehicular homicide is a more serious class 3 felony in Colorado — even if you were not driving recklessly. Consequences of Colorado DUI vehicular homicide can include:
4-12 years in a Colorado prison, and/or a fine of $3,000-$750,000.

Will Coban Porter Go To Prison?

Coban Porter is facing four felony counts. Even with the best possible attorney, he’s likely looking at a minimum of 10 years.

Fatal accidents impact so many people and their families. The victims first and foremost, and then the individual responsible for the accident and their family.

Michael Porter Jr. is one of eight siblings, including Coban. A look through MPJ’s Instagram and you’ll see lots of family pictures, including Coban. This will undoubtedly impact them.

What Now For Michael Porter Jr.?

MPJ’s in the midst of his fifth season as a pro with the Nuggets. He missed his rookie year as he recovered from back surgery. He showed a ton of promise in his second season, playing in 61 games and averaging 19 points and seven rebounds per game on 54/44/79 shooting splits.

In 2021 he signed a five year $207 million rookie max extension with $197 million guaranteed. Then last season he only played nine games as he had another back surgery, his third.

The Nuggets are currently No. 1 in the West. They are fourth in aNET rating, third in aORTG, and 17th in aDRTG. With reigning two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, and Jamal Murray also back from injury, this team is looking to make a run to at least the conference finals this year.

In order for them to do so, MPJ, a potent 6-foot-10 scoring machine with deep range, will need to be a big part of their attack. How focused will he be on hoops with his brother’s situation going on?

The best elite pro athletes have a tremendous ability to block out external distractions and have a laser focus on the task at hand. It’s a big reason why they are pros.

MPJ will need all that and more to be his best on the floor for the Nuggets and still support Coban and his family during what will surely be a difficult time.

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