“He Turned On Her And Killed Her In A Vicious Way” | Dallas Man Arrested After Allegedly Killing Woman For Beating Him In A Pickup Basketball Game

In Dallas, a man took being a sore loser to a woman in sports beyond too far when he shot and killed her after being defeated in a pickup basketball game. On Thursday, Dallas police arrested 31-year-old Cameron Hogg on suspicion of murdering Asia Womack after she beat him in a basketball game.

“He’d pull up to my house, pick her up,” said Andrea Womack, the 21-year-old woman’s mother, to Dallas’ Fox 4. “They’d ride together, eat food together, take his phone calls, give him money in jail, and you turn around and kill her? When I got that call, I was full of joy this morning. Hadn’t had joy in a while. But with him being captured, I am full of joy today.”

Hogg is accused of killing Asia Womack after giving him the business in a heated basketball game at T.G. Terry Park in South Dallas on Oct. 3. Womack’s family said she was in a pickup game at the park playing against Hogg. She won, which resulted in back-and-forth trash talk on the court.

Police say after the game Hogg and Womack left, when she went to a nearby friend’s home to sit outside watching football on a television hooked up outside. Hogg reportedly drove up to that location on his truck and hopped out angrily. Witnesses also told police that Womack stood up, ready to face Hogg again, when, saying nothing, he pointed a handgun and shot her four times, killing her. Hogg reportedly shot her twice in the chest, and as she fell from the shots, shot her twice more before leaving.

First responders found Asia Womack on a sidewalk in South Dallas with multiple gunshot wounds, and she died later that evening in a local hospital.

“This was supposed to be a friend of Asia’s. She’s eaten with the man,” Andrea Womack continued. “She’s fed him, and he turned on her and killed her in a vicious way.”

Dallas police arrested Hogg this week and he is now in the Dallas County Jail.

“It was senseless for him to kill his friend over a basketball game. Even over words,” Andrea Womack continued. “Not the basketball game itself, but the words that were spoken after the game. Won’t have the love. She is not here anymore. He took our joy,” she said.

Hogg’s extensive criminal history in Dallas County dates back over a decade. His past charges range from family violence to aggravated assault and robbery.

Asia Janae Womack was reportedly a basketball ace who played at James Madison High School in her local high school days. After graduation, she went to college at Texas A&M University at Commerce.

“Asia was designed like no other, her gift was expressed through her love for basketball,” her family stated in her obituary.

“There were things she wanted to do and accomplish, but unfortunately, this happened, and those choices went with her,” Womack’s aunt, Brandy Wickware, said to the Dallas Morning News. “But for her to be the age she was, and to have as many dreams as she had, that shows the kind of life she lived.”

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