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Last week on TSL Sports Talk, Hampton University's new head fooball coach, Connell Maynor, stopped by to talk about his new responsibilities at Hampton. TSL Sports Talk host Mark Gray, opened up the interview with the former Winston-Salem State University's head coach by asking Maynor what he learned from his experiences at WSSU and how it has prepared him to take over the coaching opportunity in the MEAC:


"Every day that you're on the job, every year you add to coaching, you just learn from the every day stuff. [Even when you're] just going up another level, you still gotta do the same type of things; you gotta get guys prepared to play on Saturday and its no different from that level, to this level, to the next level. It's watching film, breaking down film, getting the right guys in there, asking those guys to do only things that they can do and not things that they can't do, and getting the guys prepared… letting the guys learn the game plan- what the defense trying to do to you, what the offense is trying to do, and counter it."

With 13 championship rings under his belt, Maynor says that winning never gets old and plans to head into this new position with the need to win some more championships in the MEAC. Maynor believes he shares some similar traits with WSSU's athletic director, Bill Hayes, that will ultimately help him be a success with Hampton's football program.


Maynor, on the traits he shares with Bill Hayes, as a coach and as a man:

"We both are winners and hard workers. We both care about our players and the end of the day, that's what its all about- the players and these young men that we're trying to develop into men and role models and leaders. That's why we're working so hard at what we do. Everything we do is for the program and for the kids. [Hayes] has a great passion to win and work hard and I have the same passion. I probably picked a lot of it up from him.


Maynor's response to being asked if coaches in the MEAC/HBCU level do the best job of coaching in America:

"You get a five star athlete, and you don't have to do a lot of coaching. Those guys can flat out play. A lot of them, they can throw the ball or catch the ball, or can run great routes, got the speed or got the size. A lot of times at our level, you don't have the size or the speed, so you gotta make up for that with your smarts and your technique, and things of that nature. So we definitely have to do more coaching than those guys in the SEC or the BCC"


Listen to the full interview below to hear what Maynor's long term plans are as a football coach, what level he would love to ultimately coach at, how Jay Gruden has helped him and much more. 


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