Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

It looks like one of our favorite quarterbacks of all-time has his name placed in the ledger of dishonor, along with a multitude of other celebrity personalities from across entertainment, politics and media. 

According to the Washington Post, a 32-year-old woman named Wendy Haskell has filed a suit accusing former Houston Oilers great Warren Moon of sexual harassment.  In the suit, she claims he harassed her on multiple occasions since July, when Haskell was hired to work for his company, Sports 1 Marketing.

In the lawsuit, she alleges he grabbed her crotch on at least one occasion and slipped her a drug and removed her bathing suit top while visiting Mexico in October.

Haskell has asked for a jury trial against Moon, who currently works for the Seahawks’ official radio network and has reportedly taken a leave of absence in light of this revelation.

According to Haskell, she was required to share a room and sleep in the same bed as Moon on all business trips. Haskell also added that she was required to provide Moon with “unfettered access” to the bathroom anytime she wanted to shower while on a business trip.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

This all sounds like a bald-headed travesty. Damn.  Well have more details as they come to light.

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