Half Of The Highest-Paid Athletes Of The Decade Are Black

Basketball, golf, and boxing wound up being the most profitable sports for black athletes over the last decade, as Forbes recently announced the top money makers in sports from the last ten years.

Floyd Mayweather was No. 1 on the list as he made $915 million during the decade.


LeBron James was fourth with $680 million, Tiger Woods was sixth with $615 million, Kevin Durant was ninth at $425 million, and racecar driver Lewis Hamilton was No. 10 at $400 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo ($800 million), Lionel Messi ($750 million), Roger Federer ($640 million), Phil Mickelson ($480 million), and Manny Pacquiao ($435 million) made up the rest of the list.

According to the report, Tiger Woods was the only athlete to make more than $80 million during the course of a year before the decade began. But since 2010, more than 12 athletes hit that mark.

The annual report from Forbes takes salaries, prize money, bonuses, endorsements, appearance fees, and licensing income into account.

There wasn’t a single baseball, football, or hockey player that made the cut. Serena Williams is the lone woman among the 40 highest-paid athletes of the decade, as she earned $215 million.

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