Guy Allegedly Offers One Night With His Wife In Fantasy Football Trade Offer For Niners Star Christian McCaffrey | Is He Serious?

The world of fantasy football has become so multifaceted it has guys willing to do things unheard of in order to trade for certain players to add to their rosters. While we’ve heard many different things that players will do to add talent their current roster, there’s something that definitely isn’t offered. 

The competition is so fierce it makes guys do things like offer up their wife in order to complete a trade. In a now gone viral statement, an owner in a league actually offered his better half in a trade for San Francisco 49ers star tailback because he doesn’t own any players worth trading for. The surprising trade proposal apparently went viral on Reddit. 

My Wife Is Available For Run CMC In Trade?

Reddit user ‘Simple_ Ad4633,’ posted this on his page about a guy in his high-stakes fantasy football league. 

“Guy in my league is 3-5 and desperate to turn his team around, and needs more consistency with RB. He sent me a text saying he wants CMC, but there’s really not anyone on his team I want ( I am currently 7-1 so I don’t need to make any changes really). 

He said I could bang his wife one time if I accept the trade and it goes through. Honestly, it’s pretty tempting since she has huge t— and I’ve always fantasized about her. Is it worth throwing my chances to win the ship out the window for a chance to bang his wife?”

In many ways this story sounds made up, but trading for someone like Christian McCaffrey would definitely require something out of the ordinary. The former Stanford Cardinal standout is only the leading player in pretty much all of Fantasy Football Leagues. The dynamic dual threat has been the class of the Niners offense this season. 

McCaffrey Hopes To Help Niners Break Three-Game Losing Streak After Bye

After getting off to a 5-0 start this season, and looking like Super Bowl favorites, the Niners have lost three straight games including last Sunday’s ugly (31-17) loss to the rising Cincinnati Bengals. The losses have no fault of McCaffrey who’s been the team’s best and most dynamic weapon all season. 

In eight games this season Run CMC has rushed for 632 yards on 137 carries and nine touchdowns, averaging nearly five yards per carry. As a receiver he’s tallied 32 receptions on 37 targets for 292 yards and four more touchdowns.

So, you see why trading for him in FFB would be such a big deal, but big enough to basically offer your wife like an indecent proposal?


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