Greg Schiano’s Demise In Tampa Bay Will Be A WhoDunit Mystery

noun: mutiny; plural noun: mutinies
an open rebellion against the proper authorities, esp. by soldiers or sailors against their officers.

verb: mutiny; 
refuse to obey the orders of a person in authority.
So what's it called the betrayal comes from the authority in charge? The NFLPA believes the sanctity of its confidential substance-abuse program was breached when Greg Schiano discussed Josh Freeman's status as a "stage one" participant with several Bucs players. Although Schiano denies it how he found out is what they want to know. Schiano himself wasn't supposed to be aware of Freeman's status.

Via USA Today:

The NFL Players Association wants the league to participate in a joint investigation that would allow union officials to question the man they believe is behind a breach of quarterback Josh Freeman's confidential information: Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano.

In correspondence obtained Saturday by USA TODAY Sports, the union says it has no confidence in the NFL's separate investigation, in part because the union is unaware of any previous league investigation into a confidentiality breach that has yielded discipline.

Just as Chip Kelly escaped the NCAA's punishment by absconding to the NFL, it's most likely that the Bucs will force Schiano to walk the plank after this season. The NFL's official standings say the Bucs are 0-5, but you can tack on another loss to make it 0-6 because Schiano's lost the locker room as well. I'm not sure if that additional metaphorical loss gives them an advantage over the Jaguars for the No. 1 overall pick.

The Jags seem tranquil in defeat. By comparison, Schiano is going down kicking and screaming while a flesh-eating MRSA outbreak and an unhappy Darrelle Revis have storms brewing. Schiano's silly obsession with ordering his defensive linemen to blitz during victory formations wouldn't be such an issue if the Bucs weren't on the wrong side of so many of them.

Predictably, the fans have joined in the mob of pitchfork carrying Schiano detractors. Boos weren't enough for Schiano after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The fans  on both sides of the southwest tunnel to the Bucs locker room accosted him as he left the field.

Whether it's the NFLPA investigation, the loudening complaints from their highest paid player, Tampa Bay's fans, their flesh-eating bacteria, the 0-5 record or the ghost of Josh Freeman haunting him from Minnesota(possibly next week on Monday night), one of them is going to catch up to Schiano. Schiano has options for his NFL demise.


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