Greg Schiano Gave Josh Freeman The Hook

From the jump, Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano hit it off as well as cats as dogs.

Schiano was never a fan of Freeman's Forrest Gump-like "box of chocolates" inconsistency. It was also a trademark of Freeman's at Kansas State. You never knew which Freeman you were going to get. After Sunday's loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Bucs boast the NFL's 31st ranked passing attack and Schiano responded by elevating rookie Mike Glennon to the starting job.

Glennon's ascension to the starting job also brings new relevance to their No. 3 matchup against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Not only will it be personal for Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman, but Glennon is the quarterback who pushed Russell Wilson out of NC State before the latter's senior season.